1. We want to book the Mobile Escape Room but don’t know where we want it yet?

We come to wherever your party is. If you are unsure where the party is going to be at the time of your deposit... we ask that you give us a sample address of the area and to stay within 5 miles of that address.

2. What is Cancellation Policy?

 Deposit is non-refundable. In the event you need to change your date or time there will be a rebooking fee.

3. What is your payment plan for Mobile Room Escapes private parties?

We require a 50%  non refundable deposit to secure your date and a location. Full Payment is due 2 weeks before the event.

4. How long does the whole process take?

We can vary the length of its escape room to a time of your choosing. We have 60 minute, 30 minute games

5. What ages are recommended for Mobile Escape Game?

Cryptex Spy Catcher is perfect for ages 7-107. At least one person in the group has to be over 18 years old.

6. What time should my group arrive?

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your booking. We do have to keep a strict schedule, so if you arrive late you may not receive the full 60 minutes in your room.

7. What should I bring the day of the escape?

Bring comfortable shoes and your wit. We do have a locker to hang your coat and any small bags you have brought with you.

Don’t forget to bring your signed waiver.

8. What Are Any Medical Restrictions?

Cryptex Mobile EscapeTM does not recommend participating if you are Pregnant, Claustrophobic, have a heart condition, or are unable to stand for extended periods of time.

9. What happens once we are in the trailer?

Once you are in the trailer you will have the ability to escape by solving clues, puzzles, riddles, obstacles, and challenges. There is an opportunity for every person to contribute to the team’s success. The trailer is fully decorated in your escape’s theme, and everything you need to solve the escape is provided within the trailers walls. Cryptex EscapeTM is truly a theatrical experience with state of the art sets, costumes, props, actors and a twist around every corner

10. Am I Really LOCKED IN?????

Many people associate Escape Rooms with being “trapped in a room”. The truth is only about 50% of escapes use the “trapped” scenario. Cryptex Mobile  EscapeTM’s Room does not pretend to trap you in a room. We have other scenarios that you have to accomplish for you and your team to win.